Life after College

May 30, 2009 595 content.teams

College is one of the most important phase in one's life. It shapes a student into a mature person who can then take on the real world challenges. School student should make the most of the college life and equip himself/herself to do well in future.

Life after college is all about applying the leanings of student life in the real world problems. There are various options available for students to pursue after graduation. Students generally take one of the following three routes -

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1. Join work either in a company or work in family business
2. Go for higher studies directly after graduation
3. Work for some time and then go for higher studies.

Such decisions should be made with due thoughts. The reasons to work after college can be to earn money or to gain some industry exposure. Students who like to do a post graduation, can go for higher studies directly after graduation or later gaining some work experience. Higher studies in Engineering domain can be a Mtech or ME in India OR an MS from abroad. Few students also go for PhDs. Generally students who do not get a chance to study in a not so good college during graduation try to make it up during PG by getting admission in a good college. But remember, a PG is altogether different from UG. PG involves more of academics (particularly in India) whereas a UG is a good mix of academics and extra curricular.

Working after college life is a lot of responsibility. One has to meet the expectations of the employer. One can't have 'dress rehearsals' as in college but need to perform in live situations. Entrance corner team would urge all students to make the most of their college life. No one would get a second chance. So better plan and perform right from day 1 of college. Study well, party well, play well and groom yourself in an all round personality to take on any challenge in life later on

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