Life at Manipal Institute of Technology

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Manipal Institute of Technology


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Manipal is a small student city located in the Udupi district of Karnataka. With a population of over 17000 students as compared to 3000 localities, Manipal is truly a International student town, as it proudly claims to be.

Manipal is located just ten minutes away from the main city of Udupi, and has Access to railways by the Udupi railway station, There are daily trains to Mumbai and Delhi

By flight, one has to reach Mangalore from Mumbai, and then journey 1.5 hours by road to reach Manipal. Another way to reach Manipal is to fly to Bangalore and then take an 8 hour Volvo bus to Manipal.

Buses frequently ply to and from Mangalore, Bangalore and Mumbai.


Manipal is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats. The annual rainfall is pretty high with Udupi district receiving India’s second highest rainfall.

Manipal has 3 seasons..Rainy (June mid to October mid), Sunny (Oct mid to February), and Very Hot Summer ( Feb end to May end), Hwne it rains,,,it pours heavily, and for those who’re not used to it you;d beter get 3-4 umbrellas just in case, because the rains ARE gonna sweep u away. And the summer is terribly hot hoo, plus with the added humidity, phew!


Manipal Institute of Technology is a great private institution to be in. It focuses on academics to a very high extent, and for those of you hoping for a 4 year term of proper engineering, there are plenty of opportunities to explore ur scientific edge.

Course currently on offer are-

B.Arch (Bachelors in Architecture)

BE (Bachelors in Engineering)



-Instumentation and Control

-Information Technology


-Industrial Production




-Electrical and Electronic

-Electronics and Communication

-Computer Science



-Printing Technology

The faculty majorly consists of M Tech or PhD level teachers, but in some departments the lack of quality in teaching methods and staff is pretty evident. In terms of teaching quality, research potential, and labs and other co-curricular stuff, the departments which come out on the top are Mechanical and Civil. So for the budding Mechanical and Civil engineers out there, this is the place to get the maximum edge over your contemporaries.

Teaching quality and lab facilities vary from department to department. Some departments feature excellent quality labs due to private funding for ongoing research projects, while some labs do suffer lack of sufficient infrastructure.


Girls and Boys hostels are separate, with accommodations available in both a/c and non a/c hostels, both single and double rooms (with or without attached bathrooms). Hostels are descents and well maintained.


Mess food has generally been a problem for most North Indian people since the quality of food is just average, and is not made in proper North Indian fashion. Students generally eat in the messes, but often complaints about food standards arise, but is a problem in some messes only.

The college canteen serves good food but as usual North Indian food is much more expensive than South Indian food. With the increase in student intakes, canteen facilities are going to be increased accordingly, and a new food court is being built on campus

Outside the campus, one can find a wide variety of restaurants offering a huge plethora of choices in food cousin's, ranging from Italian, Chinese, Cont?nental, to proper North Indian and Mughlai


MIT Manipal encourages technical events at very large magnitudes. It has chapters of various technical institutions like IEEE, The Institute of Engineers (Bio tech, EC, Electrical, etc) and various others, which constantly keep on carrying out activities like quizzes, competitions, paper presentations, etc.


The college sports teams are very active, with sports facilities for tennis, basketball, football, cricket, badminton, etc being offered on campus. The Campus has it’s own swimming pool and two gyms, apart from plenty of space for jogging and walking in and outside the campus. End point, an open area located on the hillside about 4 kms from the campus, has got wide floodlit football fields and a proper jogging track.

Cultural events in the college are comparatively fewer as compared to technical events. The college has various dance, drama, singing groups and various bands, apart from literary and photography clubs.


Manipal, being a student city, has plenty of discs and hangout places. With new food courts and the arrival on Multi National joints like CCD, Subway, Domino's’, Manipal is slowly becoming more of a cosmopolitan town than even bigger cities in Karnataka

Manipal has two or three beaches which are just about half an hour away, and easily accesbile by road transport. With the ghats close by and Kudremukh national park and many waterfalls  and nature trails, Manipal has its own share of weekend getaways. And of course there is Goa just 4 hours away! J

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