More Than 6000 SRM University Students Hired by Major IT Giants

Oct. 14, 2015 content.teams

The SRM University has remarkably astonished everyone with the marvelous recruitment rate. On the first day of the campus recruitment, IT giants like Cognizant, Infosys, TCS and Wipro offered jobs to 6064 students of the University. Such recruitment statics on the first day of campus selection was a huge achievement for the University and the students.

On this success, Dr. Paarivendhar, Founder Chancellor said, “Such sharing (of a slot by 4 companies) helps the students to make their own choice of the company with multiple offers in hand.We owe a great sense of gratitude to the many companies that have reposed their trust in the quality of our students”. Out of the total, Wipro offered jobs to 1641 students, TCS to 1611, Cognizant 1506, and Infosys 1306 students. This is the highest offer, to a single institution, made by Wipro. Also, this is for the first time in India when major IT companies have picked up so many students from a single University and has hired more than 1300 students from a single institute.

For SRM University, the beginning of the placement session started on a good with top 50 companies, like Goldman Sachs, Accenture, SAP, Philips, Amazon, GE, Dell, MuSigma, Think @ Learn, Amadeus, Flipkart, Fidelity, ThoughtWorks and HUL, offering jobs to 621 students. 

Companies offered astounding packages which were like a dream come true for many. Some of the packages offered were as below: 

D.E. Shaw India - Rs.18 lakh per annum
Amazon - Rs.16 lakh
Goldman Sachs - Rs.14 lakh
Amadeus - Rs.8 lakh
Think @ Learn and System Insights - Rs.7 lakh
ThoughtWorks - Rs.6.8 lakh
Dell, GE, and Flipkart - Rs.6 lakh

This is not the only achievement, the University has also set record with 375 companies across the sectors of automobile, power, electronics, telecommunication, construction,health care, consumer products, and financial services offering placement in India and overseas.

“Placement is a complex process, matching the needs of industry with the skills and competencies of the students. It is also a dynamic and exciting process, filled with myriad options, to help students to step into the future to make an impact,” - said Prof. Bagchi.

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