Offline/Online JEE Main 2015 – Comparison

April 11, 2015 content.teams

The Offline JEE Main 2015 Entrance Exam was held on 04 April 2015 for both the Paper 1 and the Paper 2. Although, Paper 1 was conducted by CBSE in online mode too. The online Paper 1 of JEE Main held on 10 and 11 April 2015. The Paper 2 was held only in offline mode. Paper 1 was appeared by the students who are willing to apply for under-graduate engineering courses and the Paper 2 was appeared by the students who are willing to apply for under-graduate architecture courses. The results of these both will be declared on 27 April 2015. On the basis of this result, students will further apply for the JEE Advanced 2015 examination.

Approximately 13 lakh students have appeared for the JEE Main examination, this year and out of these, around 3 lakh students have taken up the entrance test in online mode. Students who took up the online test found it more advantageous over attempting the test in offline mode. Below are few of the comparing points laid down in between the online and the offline mode of examination.

Online JEE Main v/s Offline JEE Main

1. Opportunity to make corrections easily

Students who took the online exam found it more convenient to correct their answers whereas the opportunity of making corrections was not available with the students who appeared in offline mode as they were not allowed to make any changes in the OMR sheets.

2. Time for preparation

As the online exam was held on a later dates as compared to the offline exam. Students found it advantageous as they got more time for preparation.

3. Difficulty level

Appearing students found the online test a bit more difficult as compared to the offline exam. They found the chemistry section more easy and the physics section as most toughest.

4. Concentration/Focus

Students were able to focus properly on one question at a time in the online test as they get to appear one particular question at one time. Concentrating on varied questions at one particular moment got a bit difficult for the students who appeared for the offline JEE Main entrance test.

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