Open Letter to CBSE - JEE Main 2014 Answer Key Review

April 30, 2014 enggteam

JEE Answer Review – Challenging the Answer Key of JEE Main 2014

This is an open letter to JEE Main 2014 Unit from Entrance Corner on behalf of lakhs of students who aspire to become engineers in India through JEE Main 2014.


JEE (Main) Unit,

Central Board of Secondary Education,

Plot No. 149, Block – H,

Sector 63, NOIDA,

District Gautam Budh Nagar,

Uttar Pradesh – 201309

Subject: The provision of one day and Rs. 1000 per question for challenging the JEE Main 2014 Answer Key

Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to make the following salient points in concern with JEE answer review:

  1. Only 24 hours had been made available to students, IIT professors, coaching institutes and any other interested party for challenging the official Answer Key published by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for JEE Main 2014.
  2. Rs. 1000 was charged for every answer to a question challenged.
  3. Several requests have already been made on different platforms for a review of the procedure and policy.
  4. Sir/Madam, it is our humble request to reconsider the option and provide more time to all for the review of answers.
  5. The amount of Rs. 1000 per question is also high.
  6. The procedure appears to be high-handed and discouraging for anyone who wishes to sift through all the answers and then make a decision to challenge the esteemed CBSE.
  7. CBSE or the JEE Main 2014 Unit must encourage healthy discussion and a fair and clean system for admission to the most prestigious engineering institutes of the country.


  1. If the JEE Main Unit extends the deadline for challenging the JEE Main 2014 Answer Key and also make the charge economical, a higher number of people would be encouraged to make authentic challenges to the JEE Main 2014 Answer Key.
  2. The review process should be made more open than closed.
  3. A process should be designed where representatives of JEE Main 2014 candidates (eminent IIT Professors may be chosen) sit with JEE Main 2014 Unit at any hall/convention centre and discuss relevant points in person.
  4. A tightly closed process unnecessarily projects a confused and strict approach and CBSE must strive hard to avoid the same.
  5. For one of the most prestigious entrance examination conducted by the CBSE, the handling of review process must match the prestige.
  6. If by making the process lenient – providing three (3) to five (5) days and keeping the fees for challenging an answer to Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 – CBSE would only encourage students, who are the most affected elements in this process but are unlikely to find errors in 24 hours and/or spend Rs. 1000 per question.
  7. If by allowing more challenges through a more accessible procedure, some students are benefited, it’s CBSE’s moral responsibility to implement a revised procedure.
  8. A review of controversial answers must be considered a fundamental educational right of students and their parents/guardians, and hence must be made easier than the current procedure.

We very humbly request CBSE to please reconsider its decision, and if possible, to please allow an extension for review of JEE Main 2014 Answer Key with a reduced fee.

Yours Sincerely,

The Entrance Corner Team

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