Possibility of Steep Hike in NITs and IITs Tuition Fee

Oct. 9, 2015 content.teams

IIT and NIT are seeking an amendment in two-step admission procedure of JEE. However, this not the only issue demanding the attention of HRD ministry. Both the prestigious bodies have also proposed a hike in the tuition fee. IIT council proposed that the existing tuition fee, Rs. 90000 should be increased to Rs. 2.5 lakh. Whereas, NITs are seeking almost three-fold hike, by raising the amount of fee from Rs. 70000 to Rs. 2 lakh per annum. IISERs are also running on the same track. However, it has not revealed the proposed hike percentage.

By such sharp rise in the fee, concerned institutions aim to recover the institute running cost from the students. So that, the government funding can be used to create top-level infrastructure.

“Council proposed a funding mechanism for IITs that would appreciably enhance government investments for building world class infrastructure” - An unidentified source from HRD ministry

For now the proposal has been deferred by the HRD ministry but by the end of this month it will discuss and debate the matter. The hike of almost 300% in NIT and of 100% in IIT tuition fee will increase the financial burden on the existing and future students. However, it will help enhance the infrastructure of the institutes which will be not only beneficial for the future generation but will also put these institutes at par with institutes like IIMs and more.

The hiked fee might also divert the attention of the students towards less popular but good private and Government institutes, which has less fee. Hence, the issue of the vacant seats might also be eradicated. However, how the hike will effect can only be predicted. The final consequence of it will come through when it will be implemented.


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