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Sachin Tendulkar, I don’t think he needs any introduction. Sachin has achieved another milestone. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar scored 200 not out against South Africa at Gwalior Feb. 24. This is the first ever double hundred scored by any cricketer ever in a One-Day-International.Wow what an achievement. I was glued to my TV set just to watch Sachin score that 100 but no one expected him to score 200*.

Inspiring Story of the Little Master

"My dreams began young. But I always planned on things one step at a time. I think, later, that made all the difference, between just imagining and realizing that that imagination needed a focus.

I began playing cricket because everyone around was into cricket. They did play other sports in our neighborhood, badminton and hockey, volleyball; football was really popular when Mumbai’s monsoon was on, we would dance in the rain as we played the beautiful game, but yet, somehow, it never was quite cricket. Cricket was special.

I think things began to change for me when I began understanding that there was more to cricket than picking up a bat and trying to take a wild swipe at everything that came its way. That was also when I began to dream.

It was around 9 or 10 and, watching my brother and some older guys in the building play, I wanted to be like them, to play like them, with them. My imagination at that stage only took me to a place where I was intensely competitive, enough to be among the top batsmen in my group. If you did well, you were lucky, you would get a prized invitation to play with the older boys and if that happened, your success and reputation in the peer group was assured.


So that’s what happened with me. I was 10 when I was called to play with people aged 20 or 22. And then, that year, India won the World Cup. Life was never the same again. For millions of us, young and restless and hopeful, that was the beginning of a special love story with a special game.

Having said that, I think every game is special and India’s recent winning season across sports has been wonderful to watch and so very encouraging. I have watched, with pride and joy, as the hockey team has started to pick itself up; I have watched our footballers play with rejuvenated enthusiasm and dreams in their eyes; and have watched excitedly as people like world billiards champion Pankaj Advani, golfer Jeev Milkha Singh and tennis star Sania Mirza have made us proud. Most of all, I have followed, every inch of a proud Indian, the ascent of Viswanathan Anand to the chess world championship crown over the weekend.

In sport, we have several ups and downs, but being a sportsman of course, one doesn't like to lose. In fact, I think the only time I have intentionally allowed myself to relax in competition is against my children, because my wife tells me that you have to sometimes let your kids win.

At the same time, I still don't allow them to win every time. They have a long way to go and I think it's important to reinforce the message, as subtly as possible to youngsters that you have to earn your stripes in life; that, the world might lie ahead but you need to work towards conquering that world.

What can we learn from Sachin?

The 3 Laws

  • Passion: Passion is the no 1 factor for his success. No doubt about it. If you want to become successful in life then you must have the passion, the zeal to succeed.
  • Never give Up attitude: Giving up soon is a coward’s nature. Sachin has a tremendous never give up attitude. This is a major factor which contributed to his success.
  • Never Give Up your Dream: Never compromise your dreams. If you are really interested in something then go for it. If Sachin had chosen to do join Engineering 20 years back then you can imagine where he would have been today. So always select the best that you can do. Chose the right career.

Applying the 3 laws to Studies

Passion: Passion means the burning desire to succeed. If you have a passion in something then no one can stop you from achieving it. Take for e.g. Think of any your past success which you achieved in your life. It may be anything like winning awards in sports, Singing, Dancing or Studying etc. Did you analyze why you succeeded in the above events? I will tell you. The reason you won was because of your passion, your determination. If you have it then success is yours. It’s a simple funda.

Never Give UP Attitude: This is the famous quality of all the successful person in the world. It runs like a chain among all of them. In studies too this attitude is a MUST. If you are not able to solve a problem then it doesn’t mean that you should close your book and start worrying about it. The way to get over this is by trying and trying again until you succeed. Try to solve the problem for 15 min to half an hour. Even if you are not able to solve it then no problem, at least you can improve your concepts with this technique which is very important and useful.

Never give Up your Dream: Last but not the least never give up of what you dream. If suppose a student’s wants to join Arts and wants to become a journalist but due to the parental pressure he’s forced to join Engineering. But later he never succeeds in this field and fails just because his aptitude and interest lies in Arts.

If you apply these 3 Laws on yourself then I am sure that no one can stop you from succeeding in your life.

It’s just the burning desire which will make you study; otherwise studying just for name sake is useless.

Giving up too early is not recommended by anyone. You should try until you completely sweat yourself out. A student preparing for IIT JEE faces tons of traumas while preparation, like not able to solve tough problems, losing focus, low on motivation etc…

But these problems can be eradicated just by following the laws given above. It’s not Impossible to crack the Impossible. Nothing is Impossible as Impossible too say I M POSSIBLE.

Don’t run after Success, run after excellence.

So everyone if you want to Congratulate Sachin about whatever he has achieved please do so by leaving a comment.


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