Soon the IITs may have reservation for girls, seats for boys to remain unaffected

Jan. 16, 2017 asharma

Soon the IITs may have reservation for girls, seats for boys to remain unaffectedThe reservation for female candidates, at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs), can soon be a reality. A panel headed by professor Timothy Gonsalves has made the respective suggestion. Reviews in favour of the motion have been received so far. However, Joint Admission Board is yet to give a nod.

Who suggested the reservation and why?

Concerned by the low percentage of girls from slums, in IITs, JAB propounded a panel to look after the matter. Professor Timothy Gonsalves, who is also the director of IIT Mandi, headed the panel and observed that there has been a decrease of 2 percent in the number of female candidates who qualified JEE Advanced last year. The number same number in 2015 was 1000. Ultimately, the suggestion was made by the panel that there should be female quota at the institutes.


Idea behind the reservation

There are numerous reasons for why IITs must have a female reservation. As per the reports, the main cause behind it are:

  • To increase the ratio of female candidates at the institutes.
  • For encouraging more females from slums to purse higher education.
  • To achieve the target of 1 lakh student in UG/PG course by the end of 2020.

Percentage of Reservation not affecting seats for male candidates

As per the reports, the advised reservation for the female candidates is 20 percent. However, the panel has clearly stated that seats should be Supernumerary Seats. Hence, not seizing the opportunity for the male aspirants.

Who will be considered for reservation

The details of the proposal are yet to be outlined. However, it has been disclosed that only those female candidates will be eligible for quota seats, who will qualify JEE Advanced.

Reservation to be applicable from this year or next

The Joint Admission Board (JAB) is yet to examine and agree for the female reservation. Once, the notion is vividly scrutinised, the Board will decide whether it will be applicable from this year or next.

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