The Most Inspirational Video EVER !

Jan. 30, 2010 content.teams next time you try to justify why you cannot do something or get what you really want out of life, let this video remind you that your perceived “obstacles” or challenges are NEVER an excuse.Nick Vujicic has inspired millions worldwide and my eyes watered when I watched this the first time. I still get chills whenever I view this video and I hope you share it with your friends and colleagues.

Here I am sharing the greatest and the most Inspiring video I have ever seen…Those who are watching this video for the first time I bet you that this video will change your life…and I mean it...

The name of this man in the video is Nick Vujicic. Nick has NO ARMS and NO LEGS. Not even an ANKLE but still he shows the perfect attitude of NEVER GIVE UP

Please do watch this video. Even if your Internet Speed is slow let it BUFFER it’s a highly recommended video for all the students who need some motivation.

I am assuring you that this will be the best video of your Entire Life !

Please Note: A tissue paper would be handy. Smile

Here’s the Video


This video was shared with me by a friend of mine. When I first saw the video I cried a lot.Cry I watched it 10 to 20 times continuously and I was so damn motivated.

The magic of this video is that it never loses its INTENSITY…the video is so powerful that even if you see it 100 times the other day you will still get motivated…It’s my personal experience.Cool

My Personal Advice:

  • Download the video
  • Transfer it to your IPod or Mobiles or onto that u can watch it anywhere whenever you need some inspiration.
  • And do share this video with your friends who are in great need of Motivation.

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