The Technique of Visualization

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The Technique of visualization is a technique which will help you to keep yourself motivated. This technique is tried and tested and has been used by many IITians.

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The method is simple. You just have to visualize something which motivates you. Take for example the case of an IIT aspirant.

Imagine that you are preparing very hard for the exam “daily”. Daily giving your 100% for 8 to 9 hours for the exam and as the days passed you finally appear for IIT JEE. Your papers goes awesome and so you aim to score more than you ever expected.

You are very happy with you performance and when the IIT JEE results day appears you open up the website and check your result.

You enter your Seat number in the space provided and allow the page to load.

Just then you see a message on the screen saying

After seeing this you feel that overwhelming happiness within you. You just cant believe it not even your parents when parents hear about the results. They feel very much proud of their son/daughter and what else.....your life is settled dude!!! :)

Just think of this...Imagine what will be the scenario...

When to use this technique?


Use it only when you feel demotivated or once a day. Don't overdo it as if you keep on dreaming the whole day then you will keep dreaming and will never crack JEE.

Give it a try and I am sure you will feel that sudden pump within youself after you see your actual life if you were to work very hard from now on...

So go wild with your imagination of what you can possibly do if you are determined to do something!


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