The Things I Never Did While Preparing For IIT JEE!

Jan. 30, 2014 enggteam

By Ketan Bagga (IIT Kanpur)


Joining a coaching Institute:


Probably the first things which comes to my mind, when I think of preparing for an entrance exam, is a coaching institute, which would “probably” write my destiny and would lead me to a top engineering college. While it is important to realize that a coaching institute, its teachers, mentors, owners, won’t write your destiny, won’t provide you with a golden ticket to success either. What they’ll do is, to guide you, support you, solve petty issues, which even your class teacher or a senior might do.

Most of us fail to realize this fact and then present this as an excuse that since I didn’t join a coaching, I am ought to fail. How often do I come across exceptionally talented guys, who fall into the trap of demotivating themselves just because they couldn’t afford a coaching. All in all, one must realize that it’s going to be your struggle, your hard work, your caliber, your will power which will lead you to success and would let you overcome the jinx of an entrance exam.


Relying on a friend or a classmate:


“I would do this chapter, when my friend would do!” And your friend would do that chapter when his class teacher or tuition teacher teaches him. When you’re competing for a national exam, for which lakhs of other applicants are working day and night, aiming at those same little number of seats as you do; you just can’t afford to delay something, and you just can’t rely on others for your course work, for your preparation. Always remember, resources can be shared, performance can’t! At least give a try, to something you’re postponing today, just because you don’t feel confident in it. It is going to be difficult I know, but then who said that qualifying JEE would be an easy task.


My parents don’t know a thing about my studies:


It is general tendency, to quickly reach this conclusion, that since I’ve grown up now, and my parents’ have grown old, so they obviously won’t understand a thing about my life, or even my studies. In first place, you must appreciate this fact, that they have grown old, taking care of you all these years, watching you climb and fall as many times as even you won’t remember, they do know your strengths and weaknesses, while they may not say it on your face.

They do know about the hard work you put in (or whether you don’t), they do know what’s wrong and right for you, while you might fail to realize it sometimes. Don’t treat them as aliens, just because you studied few more books than them and you use far more sophisticated gadgets (they brought you) as compared to them. Involve them, or at least try, ask for their support, at least don’t avoid them. They’ll be your morale boosters, every single time.


Oh God, I started preparing late!  I should better give a try next year!


An year dropped, is an year wasted. What you possibly can do next year, why won’t you be able to do this year? What stops you from even trying for it once, this time? And where is the assurance that next year your attitude and the results are going to change for the better? Whom would you lead accountable for wasting 365 complete days of your life? If you could find answers to these questions, you better would realize that waiting for the “right time” is never a solution.

There is no better time than today, to take up something you really wish to! It is okay to create deadlines for yourself, rather than waiting for that one day when you think that you’d wake up and suddenly would start preparing and rest all things are going to fall into the place. Such wonders rarely happen in life, and you know that!


I can’t do this; I’m not “intelligent” enough to clear something as tough as IIT JEE!


This would probably be the last thing one would like to think of. But be honest to yourself and try finding out, how many such instances have been there, when you decided to quit? How many times there have been, when you thought that it’s enough, this is not my piece of cake; let others do it because they are “better” or “superior” to me. Being in an IIT, I must confess that everyone I’ve met here during my curriculum, are just normal guys.

No much difference in aptitude, but the difference lies in their attitude towards the life. When 99 others would say that I can’t do it, I can always find an IITian who would say, let me try, I think that can be done, and chances are that he’ll accomplish the things he dreams of. Staying positive during your entire preparation period is the key, which almost every second aspirant forgets, by the time he appears for JEE.

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