TMISAT 2015 Medical Criteria

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If a candidate wants to appear in TMISAT exam then they should be completely fit for it. Fitness here refers to good physical and mental health. Fulfilling the TMISAT 2015 Medical Criteria will ensure that candidates are completely fit and free from any disease or anything which may stop them to perform their duty efficiently. These requirements are decided by DG Shipping and are subject to change. Let us check them in details.

TMISAT 2015 Medical Criteria Constitution:

There must not be any evidence that prove that the muscle or bone constitution of the candidate is not normal. There should not be any malfunctioning of muscles or malformation as well. TMISAT 2015 Medical Criteria says that the minimum height required is 157 centimeters with according weight and chest size with 5 cms (minimum) expansion.

Skeletal System:

The candidate's skeletal system must be normal in all respect. There should not be any problem in the functions of the joints. They must be free from any type of deformation or contraction in chest or any other body part or muscle. Any deformation due to fractures or any pin inside the body will also not be entertained. Any kind of deformation will definitely lead to disqualification.

Ear, Nose, Throat:

As per the TMISAT 2015 Medical Criteria the candidates must be free from any kind of hearing disability. Unaided average threshold must be more than 40 db for both the years in 3000, 2000, 1000 and 500 Hz. They must be able enough to hear a whisper at a distance of 5 meters and that too without the help of any hearing kit.

They must not be suffering from any disease related to nose cartilage, nasal polypus, etc. Suffering from any one of the disease will lead to their disqualification. There should be no loss of teeth or any disease or malfunctioning related to tonsils, throat, etc.

Speech and Lymphatic System:

According to TMISAT 2015 Medical Criteria applicants must not be suffering from stammering or pronounced lisp. All applicants must have a normal functioning glandular system. Any sign of tubercular enlargement or abnormality will result in their disqualification.

Respiratory and Digestive System:

There should be no evidence of upper respiratory disease , chronic or tuberculosis in past history as well. No palpation of liver and spleen is accepted for any candidate.

Skin and Other Tests:

No skin disease is accepted except the trivial nature of skin. Scars which may lead to a kind of disability is also not allowed. Other test including tests for drugs, HIV may also be taken.

Colleges accepting TMISAT

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Manipal Institute of Technology
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