TNEA 2014 Rank List Date Released

June 6, 2014 enggteam

Anna University will be releasing the TNEA 2014 Rank List on 16th June 2014 as per the information provided on the official website of the University. Candidates can view their rank on the website where the list will be available in the increasing order of the rank. These ranks to the candidates will be assigned on the basis of their score in the exam. Therefore the candidates with highest marks will be placed on the top in TNEA 2014 Rank List and the candidates will lower marks will be placed below them. Overall the list will be prepared in decreasing order of candidates' marks and increasing order of their ranking. The admission of candidates will only depend on the merit score and rank of the candidate. The candidates selection will depend on the marks scored by them in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics after reducing the total to 200.

The TNEA 2014 Rank List will be prepared after result normalization of the candidates and it will be done by equating the marks of the candidate in a subject in qualifying examination to that of the marks obtained in same subject by candidate in the various examination boards. The example mentioned below will make it more clear to the candidates:

Suppose there are two candidates X and Y. Let X gets 100 marks in mathematics in his examining board and Y gets 90 marks in the same subject in his board. In case, if the marks scored by them in their respective boards is highest then both of their marks will be treated as 100. Suppose there is another candidate Z who scored 70 marks and is from a board other than state of Tamil Nadu, then his marks will be calculated as 100x70=7000 and 7000/90=77.77%.

The final TNEA 2014 Rank List will be released after the normalization for all the candidates has been completed. If a board is not able to submit a subject's relevant highest score, then in that case 100 marks will be considered for normalization.



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