Tripura JEE 2017 Sample Papers

Jan. 3, 2017 Gitumoni

Tripura JEE 2017 Sample PapersTripura JEE 2017 Sample Papers are available for candidates appearing for B.Tech Engineering courses. Applicants who aspire to take admission in the colleges of Tripura must practice from the Sample Papers to secure a rank in the joint entrance examination and reach the cutoff marks. The sample papers will enable the candidates to get some knowledge of the actual question paper. We have provided here the sample question for the candidates to cover the Tripura Joint Entrance Examination 2017 Syllabus containing topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. Regular practice will be beneficial for all the candidates to examine the difficulty level of attempting the final question paper. To know more about the advantages of Tripura JEE 2017 Sample Papers read the article below.

Benefits of Tripura JEE 2017 Sample Papers

  • Candidates can know which topics and subjects from Tripura JEE 2017 Syllabus are common in most of the sample papers.
  • Candidates can make notes on important topics, formulas and practice the problems accordingly.
  • Aspirants will be able to manage time and accuracy with daily practice and will be able to estimate the time required in attempting all the questions in Tripura JEE 2017 examination.
  • Practicing with the sample papers will boost the confidence level of the candidates as it will make them familiar with the questions and also the type of questions they can expect in the final examination.

Tripura JEE 2017 Sample Paper

1. The Position vector of a particle is given by x = 3t2î ?12t ? + 4 k? . The Velocity and acceleration of the particle after 1 sec will be

A) 6î ?12 ?,6î

B) 6î ? 6 ?,6 ?

C) 6î ?12 ?,6k?

D) 6î ? 6 ?,6k?

2. Which one of the following pairs is different from others

A) Li-Mg

B) Na-K

C) Ca-Mg


3. If ?,? are the roots of the equation x2 – 3x + 5 = 0, the equation whose roots are ?2, ?2 will be

A) x2 + 3x + 21 = 0

B) x2 + x + 25 = 0

C) x2 + 2x + 17 = 0

D) x2 – 3x + 15 = 0

4. Ascorbic acid’ is the chemical name of which Vitamin ?

A) Vitamin D

B) Vitamin A

C) Vitamin E

D) Vitamin C

Tripura JEE 2017 Exam Pattern

  • The question paper for all the subjects will be of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type.
  • There will be 50 (fifty) compulsory MCQs, taking five (5) questions from each Module for one subject of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.
  • Each question will carry 2 (two) marks, i.e. total marks for a question paper will be of 100 (50 x 2) marks for each subject in the question paper of Tripura JEE 2017.
  • Each question will have four options that are A, B, C, D out of which the correct option (A/B/C/D) is only to be marked by the candidates.

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