Waka Waka IIT!

July 10, 2010 content.teams

The title simply means “Just do it, Just do IIT”
If you haven't started yet and are waiting for some auspicious day or a moment then beware, this can lead you to the path of failure

Better start today itself.

Cut the Crap!

Yes cut the crap...IIT isn't tough. I can say that by seeing past 3 year papers of IIT JEE. The level has come down considerably and a student thorough with NCERT textbooks with little practice can easily crack it.
So where lies the difficulty?
The difficulty lies in the ratio of number of students appearing and number of students getting selected which is definitely very less. But you dont have to worry a bit of it as you just have a grab 1 DAMN SEAT

Consider this as the last opportunity...

Imagine that  this is your final attempt for IITJEE and so you must crack it without any excuse.
Prepare you mind in this way and you can surely make yourself stronger. Make the best use of 24 hours

IIT is your final destination...

Ok, if you are not aiming for IIT,well an good. But someone said that “Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Same thing applies here. Aim for the IITs, if not IITs you will definitely land among the other top colleges like NITs,BITs etc. So Aim higher

Dont Underestimate Yourself...

I have heard many who say “I dont have it to crack JEE” or “I dont have the brains to crack IIT”. Oh come on, cut the crap!
All of us have the capability of being an IITian but the thing which differentiates us is the hardwork . So if you work hard then the rest you can surely come up at the top. No doubt about it...

Waka Waka IIT

Just do it, Just Do IIT. I am posting an inspiring lyrics which i have tried to relate with the IIT aspirants. Please try to understand the depth

You're a good soldier (You are a good soldier because only the gutsy students can aim for IIT)
Choosing your battles (You have already chosen your battle which is to crack IIT)
Pick yourself up (Which you have already done)
And dust yourself off (Dust yourself from all the previous failures and think forward)
Get back in the saddle (Get back in this competition which can change your fate in no time)

You're on the front line (There is a big line but patience is the virtue of an IITian)
Everyone's watching (Everyone expects something good from you.)
You know it's serious (If you are not serious then IIT can easily slip from your had.So be serious)
We are getting closer(Every day passing by is taking you closer to your goal)
This isn't over (The ride has just started..Better fasten your seatbelts)

The pressure is on (Pressure will always be there, Just keep yourself calm)
You feel it (If you dont feel the pressure then you are not working hard..Trust this quote.)
But you got it all (You have got the brains, just use them the right way)
Believe it (and you need to believe it)

When you fall get up, (Failures are a part of life so if you fail dont hesitate to get up....)
If you fall get up (Failures are the stepping stone to success)
You have to work hard (You cant achieve anything without hardwork)
Cuz this is IIT... ( and for IIT hardwork is a necessity...)

Listen to your God (God is always there with you if you want to achieve something good)
This is our motto ( As for now clearing IIT should be THE motto of your life)
Your time to shine (This is the right time to shine)

People are raising (Cant ignore them as they do influence your preparations)
Their expectations (expectations are with those who have something in them)
Go on and feed them ( Live every moment and live up to their expectations)
This is your moment (Now or Never...consider this as your last chance)
No hesitations (If you hesitate to give it a try then you will surely regret one day)

Today's your day ( You know that...)
I feel it (and i know you feeling that)
You paved the way (You are the only one who can pave the way for your success)
Believe it ( Trust yourself )

If you get down get up
When you get down get up
You have to do it
Coz this is IIT...



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