How to Prepare for WBJEE 2014: The Strategy?

April 19, 2014 enggteam

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination or WBJEE 2014 is conducted for admissions into several undergraduate degree courses in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Medical, Dental and Pharmacy in West Bengal universities and colleges.

The WBJEE Medical 2014 is scheduled to take place on April 19 and 20, 2014. Those students who want to do a final last-minute check on their preparation strategy must read this article.

First of all, your performance on April 19, 2014 should not affect how you perform on April 20, 2014. The whole examination is a mental game. The more confident you are in the examination hall, the better you would be able to focus and score more. Relax! Take a deep breath and do your best.

You must follow a timetable for strategy, not only during preparation, but also during the exam. During preparation, give the most time to the subject you are least confident in. Practice more in that subject. However, during the exam, do the opposite! Give the most time to the subject you are most confident in.

At the last moment, your strategy should be to revise only your notes instead of reading from the books, or trying to grasp new concepts. Concentrating on your strengths and practicing on your strong subjects would help you more rather than trying to work hard on a new subject or topic.

You may also just read what you underlined as important in your books. Remember, the most important thing is to keep your cool. If you can understand and answer your questions with a cool mind, you would score the most. And, at the end of the day, what matters is your final score than anything else.

You should also study in a group of three to four students. Friends tend to help each other not only by boosting confidence, but also by solving stupid queries, which students feel under-confident asking their elders or teachers.

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