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MahaTET Preparation TipsMahaTET Preparation Tips 2017: MSCE has scheduled to conduct the Maharashtra Teacher Eligibility Test on July 22, 2017. All the candidates who have applied for the exam will need a strong preparation to crack the exam. All the examinees will need the MahaTET preparation tips 2017. Candidates should understand that MahaTET is being conducted on State level and considering the volume of applicants and level of competition the selection criteria and hence the degree of difficulty would vary considerably when compared with other tests. Mock tests, sample papers/practice papers will help the candidates for a basic level of preparation but qualifying MahaTET would need a thorough level of planning and assessment of one’s skills. The subject wise and general preparation tips of MahaTET will help the candidates to achieve this goal.

Merely securing good scores in Child Development Pedagogy, comprehension, basic subjects like Maths or Science and Social subjects would be not be enough and the examinees should focus more on the strengths that can come into play in a stark way. One of the most MahaTET 2017 preparation tip is that candidates should bookmark good online education platforms which will help them to stay aware of important dates lest one should miss out on application stages, admit card downloads and other important aspects of the test. Preparation and guidance can be crucial ingredients in cracking MahaTET successfully. Scroll down to read the complete article for helpful MahaTET preparation tips 2017.




General MahaTET Preparation Tips 2017

Understand Your Exam: The first and foremost preparation tip of MahaTET 2017 is about getting a clear picture of pattern and syllabus of the exam we are sitting for. In this step you should understand the exam. One must realize that no exam is so easy that you can clear it without proper understanding of the syllabus or subjects.

For instance, in case of Paper1, one should read 1-5th books, as well as 6th-8th book's which has to be covered for level of difficulty. Similarly for Paper2, one should cover 6th-10th book's as well as 11th,12th book's, which is supposed to covered for level of difficulty!!!

Prepare for each section: Both the papers of MahaTET have been divided in 4 sections, teaching methodology/ teaching pedagogy, English , Hindi and subject concerned. All the candidates appearing for the exam should know the MahaTET syllabus for each section thoroughly and they should plan their preparation keeping all the 4 sections in mind. Candidates should give more time and energy to their subject of teaching.

Work on your strengths: Along with working on weak areas candidates should lay more focus on their strong areas. This should be done in order to strengthen the strong areas such as to not any marks questions from these topics.

Take Coaching: Another important MahaTET 2017 preparation tip is that the candidates should take coaching from trustworthy institutes. The institutes will help in MahaTET 2017 exam preparation by providing the candidates with good study material.

Intermediate syllabus: Candidates should focus on covering the major syllabus from XI and XII text books in their subject concerned as most of the questions in MahaTET 2017 exam will be prepared from intermediate level.

Pay attention to basic concepts: MahaTET preparation tips advises candidates to pay more attention in getting the basic concepts of the exam clear, instead of studying superficially. Teaching is all about clearing the basic concepts to students, therefore the candidates should have thorough knowledge of basic concepts. Clear understanding on the basic points will help the candidates to answer a twisted question correctly.

In-Depth analysis: Before candidates start with their exam preparation, they should do an in depth exam analysis. This means that the candidates should go through the latest syllabus, MahaTET exam pattern, previous year papers, etc. An in depth analysis about the fundamentals is believed to be the foundation of success.

Health Matters: Candidates should make sure that they eat a balanced diet, get adequate sleep and exercise regularly to boost their performance for the examination.

MahaTET Preparation Tips 2017 - Subject Wise Tips

The MahaTET 2017 paper 1 & 2 consists of 4 sections. Candidates appearing for the exam and aspiring to become teachers in the schools of Maharashtra State will have to clear all 4 sections by securing the required qualifying marks. Candidates will have to understand each section of the exam in details in order to qualify. Candidates can take reference from the table below to understand the sections of exam and important topics to study under the MahaTET preparation tips for the exam.

Name of the Section Remarks
Child Development and Pedagogy

The section will test the candidates on understanding the psychology of students and also on their understanding of educational psychology topics of teaching and learning. The questions will be based relevant to the age group of paper choice.Major focus will be on understanding the characteristics, needs and the psychology of diverse learners, interaction with learners and the attributes and qualities of a good facilitator of learning.

Important Topics

Paper 1 - Teaching Procedures, Evaluation Processes and Skill building Exercises for Primary School Students.

Paper 2 - Teaching Methods, Learning Techniques and Training Methods for middle school students.

Language I

Candidates will be required to choose a language to indicate their medium of instruction. The sections will test the candidates throughly on their knowledge and proficiency related to the medium of instruction, as chosen from the prescribed options in the application form.Candidates will be required to have thorough understanding and fluency in the chosen subject is essential.The best way to prepare for this paper is that the candidates expose themselves to the language by practicing the 4 core skills namely reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Important Topics

Paper 1 - Reading Comprehension, Audio-Visual Teaching Methods, Listening and Speaking Techniques and Challenges of Teaching a Language to Students.

Paper 2 - Unseen Reading Comprehension, Principal of Language Skills and Various Challenges a teacher might face while teaching a diverse classroom.

Language II

Candidates will have to choose another language different from language 1 from the given options and the assessment will based on their choice. The Test items in Language II will also focus on the fluency in the elements of language, communication and comprehension abilities. So make sure you converse with someone who is fluent in the chosen language and use all the senses to improve your language skills.

Important Topics

Both Paper 1 & 2: Unseen Reading Comprehension, Principal of Language Skills and Various Challenges a teacher might face while teaching a diverse classroom.

Mathematics/Science/Social Studies

Candidates will have to choose a specific subject in Paper 2 to indicate their subject choice.The section will lay more focus on the understanding of basic concepts, problem solving abilities and pedagogical understanding of these subjects and candidates will be tested for the same. The questions in the paper shall be evenly distributed over different divisions of the syllabus of that subject as prescribed for classes VI – VIII by the appropriate government. Therefore candidates need to have a strong mathematics base and a clear understanding of the concepts, so practice is essential.The test items of Mathematics and Science will be of 30 marks each.


Important Topics

Paper 1 - Basic Number Operations, HCF and LCM, BODMAS, Rational Numbers and Ratio and Proportion.

Paper 2 - Number Systems, Profit and Loss, TSD


Important Topics

Paper 1 - NA

Paper 2 - General Science,Various Life Cycles etc

Social Studies

Important Topics

Paper 1 - Ancient India, Indian Struggle for Independence, Formation of Earth, General Land Formations, Current Environment Status etc.

Paper 2 - Tracing the History of India, Indian Economy.

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