Aadhaar Card likely to be required for NEET 2017

Nov. 27, 2016 2163 Team EC

Aadhaar Card likely to be required for NEET 2017

On November 18, 2016 after the JEE Main 2017 admission notification was released, all the engineering aspirants across the nation were taken aback with the introduction of the Aadhaar Card as a mandatory document for applying. On account of this notification, there arose a sense of urgency among the students with no Aadhaar Card who aim to apply for JEE Main 2017. The notification specifies that a student doesnt just need the Aadhaar Number for submitting the application form but also needs to ensure that the details in the Aadhaar Card like Name, Date of birth and gender should be the same as that in the School Records. The entire scenario can be taken as a precuation by the medical aspirants who aim to appear for NEET 2017 even though the noticification for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test has not been released as of yet. However, the NEET website does mention the JEE notification about the Aadhaar Card raising high possibilities that the Aadhaar Card will also be enforced for submitting the application form for NEET exam.

Why the Aadhaar Card may be enforced for NEET 2017?

  • CBSE has initiated the introduction of the Aadhaar Card as the mandatory ID proof and it is the conducting body for JEE Main as well as NEET. Hence, it makes sense if the document is made as mandatory for applying to both the exams.
  • The official notice for Aadhaar Card as an obligatory document for JEE has also been uploaded on the official website of NEET. This is a solid indication for the medical aspirants. Check below
  • CBSE is giving so much importance to the Aaddhaar Card because it is deemed to be the one document which is a Photo ID proof that serves the purpose of identification of an applicant with biometric proof thereby eliminating any impersonation. It also eliminates the need for multiple documents like the Birth Certificate, Address Proof, Identification etc. Any citizen of India be it an infant or an elderly person can easily enrol for it and obtain it. It is now a document that is increasingly gaining importantce thereby making it a must have document for all. Therefore CBSE aims to use it for establishing the authentic identity of the candidates at the JEE Main 2017 Exam Centre as well.
  • So it may be one document that  may be required by students to be carried to the exam hall while appearing for the exam.
  • Many candidates applying for NEET will also be applying for JEE Main. For such candidates the Aadhaar Card will n ot be an issue as they are already aware of the clause for the same in JEE. It is the candidates who will just be applying for NEET exam who need to start applying for the Aadhaar card and be prepared for this eventuality.

What should you do if you dont have an Aadhar Card?

As stated above, the CBSE plans to use the Aadhaar Card for ascertaining the student’s identity. With JEE, the information of the need for it came to light just 15 days before the release of JEE Main 2017 Application Form leaving many applicants in a panic. This led to a furor from students across the country and also from students of assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir where no Aadhaar Card is issued. 

CBSE therefore has announced a series of measures to combat all doubts, queries and any problems and the details are given below:

For Students of Assam, J&K, and Meghalaya - In the state of Assam, Meghalaya, and J&K the Aadhaar Card has not been issued yet. For the students of these states, the Aadhaar Card is not required. They can apply by submitting the Bank Accountant Number, Passport Number, Ration Card Number, etc. So ensure you have one of these if you belong to these states.

For Other State Candidates - To assist those who do not possess an Aadhaar Card, and do not belong to the three states above, the Board has established various facilitation centres in the each state. Candidates may check the list of facilitation centres - From Here

Measures to be taken by all NEET 2017 Aspirants

  • The official notice and Application Form for NEET 2017 is expected to be announced in the month of December 2017. What aspirants should do is to enrol for the Aadhaar Card without delay so that they can easily apply for the exam.
  • Those who already have it should cross check the information in it with the School records and ensure the data matches. If there are any changes or discrepancies in the details, they must get the same corrected. 

NEET in 2016 was the cause of wide panic and confusion. To ensure your NEET 2017 application goes without any hassles, ensure that you possess an Aadhaar Card as having it will be beneficial in the future.

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