NEET 2017 Exam Analysis and Cutoff by Triumph Academy


NEET 2017 Exam Analysis and Cutoff by Triumph AcademyNEET 2017 Exam Analysis and Cutoff by Triumph Academy – The NEET 2017 was held on May 07, and the analysis and cutoff details are now being published by various coaching institutes. Entrance Corner had a telephonic conversation with Bhupendra Singh, a Chemistry expert at Triumph Academy regarding the analysis and cutoff of NEET 2017. According to him, the test pattern was similar to that of last year. Most of the questions were NCERT based and easier if compared to the previous year. According to Mr. Singh, With the fall in the difficulty level of the test, the cutoff scores are expected to increase. Among all the sections of NEET 2017, Physics was tough and time-consuming. Read the complete interview of Mr. Bhupendra Singh of Triumph Academy to know the NEET 2017 Exam Analysis and Cutoff.

Entrance Corner: NEET 2017 has been conducted. Please share the overall analysis of the question paper

Bhupendra Singh: The question paper was completely balanced. All the important topics from all the sections; namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology) was covered

Entrance Corner: In NEET 2017, which was the toughest and easiest section?

Bhupendra Singh: The Physics section emerged as the toughest one whereas Biology was of moderate difficulty level. Even though Chemistry section had five to six tricky questions, it was the easiest in comparison to the other two sections

Entrance Corner: Please brief about the section wise paper analysis of NEET 2017

Bhupendra Singh: Most of the questions in Chemistry section was asked from Organic Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry was completely based on NCERT. The Physical Chemistry section had more formula based questions.

In the Physics section, Modern Physics had easy questions whereas optics, Mechanics and Oscillation and Waves was on the tougher side.

In the Biology section, all the topics were covered with maximum number of questions from the topics Ecology and Human Physiology.

Entrance Corner: Any glitches in the question paper of NEET 2017?

Bhupendra Singh: Till now none of the students have reported about any glitches in the question paper. Also, we didn’t find any errors in any of the questions while analysing the paper.

Entrance Corner: How many aspirants from your institute appeared for NEET 2017?

Bhupendra Singh: Overall, around 250 students from Triumph Academy appeared in NEET 2017.

Entrance Corner: According to you, what will be the expected NEET cutoff 2017?

Bhupendra Singh: On the basis of the difficulty level of the paper, we are expecting that the expected cutoff will increase this year. The cutoff marks might range between 450 to 460 for General category candidates.

Entrance Corner: Any special highlights about NEET 2017 exam as a whole?

Bhupendra Singh: This year, a major portion of the question paper was NCERT based, specially Biology and Physics section. However, in Chemistry, the organic segment was beyond class XII level. Overall, this year’s question paper was easier in comparison to last year.