NEET 2017: Preparation tips for last 15 days by Aakash Chaudhry


NEET 2017: Preparation tips for last 15 days by Aakash ChoudharyNEET 2017: Preparation tips for last 15 days by Aakash Chaudhry – With less than 2 weeks left in National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2017, it is important for the medical aspirants to follow a strict study schedule. In the remaining days, students should focus on clearing the concept, revising each topic, and preparing themselves for the exam day. National Eligibility Entrance Test is scheduled to be conducted on May 7, 2017, in offline mode. Entrance corner has brought expert insight of Aakash Chaudhry (Director AESPL, Aakash Educational Services) on how to prepare for NEET in last 15 days.

As per Mr. Aakash Chaudhry Time and speed play a crucial role in cracking this entrance exam, learning few smart and unique shortcuts approach for answering some of the toughest problems in NEET will be helpful’

Entrance corner brings you Aakash Chaudhry, Director AESPL (Aakash Educational Services) interview on how to make best out of the remaining day for NEET preparation.

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Q. What should be the preparation strategy for NEET 2017 in the last 15 days?

  • Take as many mock tests as possible: The most effective way is to solve previous years’ question papers and to take as many mock tests possible prior to the competitive exam.
  • Boost your speed and accuracy: With one mark subtracted for every wrong answer, accuracy is imperative to crack the exam.
  • Learn smart methods to crack NEET: Time and speed play a crucial role in cracking this entrance exam. Learn a few smart and unique shortcuts approach for answering some of the toughest problems in NEET.
  • Assess your level of preparation: At every stage, carefully assess your level of preparation. Identify your strength and weaknesses in order to optimize your performance.
  • Analyze the past years’ question papers: While solving previous years’ question papers, take a note of the constantly recurring questions in different medical examinations.
  • Have a positive attitude: A positive frame of mind is necessary to crack this or any entrance exam with ease.

Q. Any recommended books for quick tips and revision in the last month?

NCERT (Old & New), Exemplar Class XI & XII and 10 yrs question bank from reliable source will be helpful

  1. Concise notes of important formulae and concepts.
  2. More practice of questions in physics and chemistry.
  3. More focus on NCERT, especially in biology.
  4. Solving NCERT questions (subjective), NCERT – exemplar (both objective and subjective questions).
  5. Mark the important points, examples (plant name/animal name) of NCERT using bright/colored markers.
  6. Read NCERT text carefully along with introduction and summary, and try to understand the logic behind each and every statement.
  7. Revise the syllabus at regular intervals.
  8. In biology, make a habit to practice the diagrams.
  9. Important chapters in Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Physics

  1. Work, Energy, and power
  2. System of particle and rotational motion and gravitation.
  3. Thermal properties of matter and thermodynamics.
  4. Electric potential and capacitance
  5. Electromagnetic induction and alternating current.
  6. Atom, nuclei and semiconductors.
  • Chemistry:

  1. Some basic concept of chemistry.
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Chemical bonding and molecular structure
  5. Organic Chemistry – some basic principles and techniques
  6. Chemical kinetics
  7. p-block elements
  8. Coordination compounds
  9. Aldehyde, ketones and carboxylic acid
  • Botany: Ecology, Plant physiology, Genetics, Cell structure
  • Zoology: Human physiology, Biotechnology

Q. What should the students do to tackle with pre-exam stress?

Learn meditation, yoga, or any other form of relaxation techniques as it will help you. Such techniques have a stress relieving effect and will also help you to have a higher degree of concentration.

Q. What are the common mistakes made by the students on the exam day which can be eradicated?

  1. Strictly follow your timetable
  2. Take five minutes’ break after each hour, do not make a hectic schedule
  3. NCERT based learning should be the first priority during your preparation
  4. Create a proper timetable to ensure that all the topics are covered
  5. One must create one’s own preparation strategy according to their abilities in order to generate the most favorable results.
  6. Do away with note learning techniques and develop a deep understanding with each and every topic.

Q. What should be the exam taking strategy on NEET 2017 exam day? How should candidates manage their exam time between the different sections of the paper?

  1. It is better to start question paper with biology section.
  2. Try to complete the reading and solving of biology questions (90 MCQ.) in less than 90 minutes.
  3. If you have confusion between two statement/options or feel that this question will consume more time, then mark it and solve it later.
  4. Specially in physics and chemistry, if a student feel that the problem is tough or have very long calculation that cannot be answered within the stipulated time period then leave it and move to the next question.
  5. Read the instructions carefully – Students are advised to read and go through the marking schemes carefully before beginning with the paper. Do not be overconfident and skip this segment
  6. Read through the question paper-Students should quickly glance through the entire paper to understand the level of difficulty.
  7. Do not jump to conclusions: Students should not be in a hurry to mark an answer and ignore the options listed out in the question paper.
  8. Maintain your calm: It is important to stay calm while attempting the question paper. Do not get frustrated and impatient to solve the paper in a relaxed manner.

Q. How important are mock tests? When should an aspirant start taking them?

Mock tests help to build confidence in a student, facilitate evaluation, help the students to identify their
weakness & strengths and hence prioritizing and strategizing better. Mock tests are also a great way of time management as time is a crucial criterion in answering the NEET questions.

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