NEET 2017 Topper Interview – follow NCERT courses and revise occasionally, says AIR 2 Archit Gupta


archit guptaIndore boy Archit Gupta who aced both NEET and AIIMS MBBS speaks to Entrance Corner regarding his preparation strategy and shares his success story. The youngster’s favourite subject is Biology and he credits his hard work and parents’ support in achieving this stellar performance. His NEET score is 695 and in AIIMS he secured 100 percentile. Archit’s advice to prepare for such entrances is that every student should have their own approach to study and they should not adopt other’s preparation strategy. Read the exclusive interview of Archit Gupta, NEET 2017 AIR 2 below.

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Entrance Corner: Congratulations on your success in NEET 2017. How are you planning to celebrate your success?

Archit: Thank you so much. I will be going to Indore today and will celebrate with my family back home.

Entrance Corner: Did you take any coaching classes? How did coaching help you in securing AIR 2 in NEET 2017?

Archit: I took coaching at Allen Career Institute in Indore. Coaching institute plays a very crucial part in securing such rank because at present times we require specialist. Coaching institutes have been preparing students for such coveted entrance exams since a long time and this it helps in one’s success.

Entrance Corner: What was your preparation strategy for NEET 2017 exam?

Archit: My preparation strategy was really very simple. I focused on my weak points by solving objective as well as theoretical questions. Apart from that, I planned out my own preparations strategy. I didn’t follow the study plan of any other student.

Entrance Corner: How did you prepare for state Board and NEET exam simultaneously?

Archit: Basically, when you are preparing for NEET and AIIMS you have to study NCERT. So, the preparation for both the exam goes hand in hand. However, for English, I started studying a week before the paper. I opted for Physical Education as my optional subject as you need to study it a day before the exam.

Entrance Corner: How did you keep yourself stress free during such a hectic schedule?

Archit: I watched movies during break. I like to play outdoor games but I minimised my outdoor games as you become too exhausted and it becomes difficult to study afterwards. For recreational part, I used to play mobile games for five to ten minutes between my studies. I also believe that parents play a very crucial role as a stress reliever. For instance, when I get low score in my exam my mother talks to me and encourages me. My parents never pressurised me and gave me my own space.

Entrance Corner: How did you gain interest in the medical stream? Which medical specialisation would you like to pursue after completing MBBS?

Archit: I got interested in medical stream because of the satisfaction you get as a doctor. I have an inclination towards neurosurgey but I am not completely sure. I think I will decide it after completing MBBS.

Entrance Corner: In which institute are you planning to take admission?

Archit: My dream destination is AIIMS Delhi and as I secured AIR 2 I think there are good chances of getting admission at AIIMs.

Entrance Corner: What is your take on the impact of social media on students?

Archit: I think social media should not be neglected. It should be used for getting information. I am not that active in social media. However, I did use whatsapp at times to clarify my doubts as it helps to get instant answers from your teachers when in doubt regarding any topic or question.

Entrance Corner: What are your hobbies and Interest?

Archit: I love to play basketball and apart from that I enjoy playing video games.

Entrance Corner: Who is your biggest role model in life?

Archit: I don’t have any role mode in my life.

Entrance Corner: Do you have any message for future NEET 2017 aspirants?

Archit: I would advise the future aspirants to be thorough with NCERT books and revise them occasionally. And after that, if students have time they can consult their teachers and they should follow their advice. Also, I would suggest them to plan out their own strategy for the exam and to not follow any other students’ approach.

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