NEET 2017 Topper Interview: Abhishek Dogra AIR 5 scores 691 out of 720


neet 2017 topper interview air 5An eminent quotation “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success” by Dwayne Johnson, seems completely true for Abhishek Dogra, who secured AIR 5 in NEET 2017. He believes that one must stand to distinguish from the crowd from the hard work and consistent effort. This Pune boy has also secured AIR 2 in JIPMER MBBS and AIR 9 in AIIMS MBBS. Abhishek either wants to be a doctor or researcher. In an exclusive interview with Entrance Corner, Abhishek advised other MBBS aspirants to work on time management and try to solve previous year questions.

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Entrance Corner: Congratulations on your success in NEET 2017. How are you planning to celebrate your success?

Abhishek Dogra: Thank you so much. No plans for celebrations as of now. However, I went to a seafood restaurant in Pune with my family for celebrations. I am also receiving greeting from my relative and other acquaintances since morning. This is a great feeling. JIPMER, AIIMS MBBS and NEET were amazing.

Entrance Corner: What is your NEET 2017 scores and JIPMER MBBS and AIIMS MBBS percentile score percentile scores?

Abhishek Dogra: I have scored 691 in NEET 2017 and in AIIMS MBBS my percentile score was 99.9972264. In JIPMER MBBS, I secured 99.9985117 percentile scores.

Entrance Corner: Being among the NEET 2017, AIIMS and JIPMER toppers is definitely not an easy achievement. Were you expecting such a high rank?

Abhishek Dogra: Seriously, I was not expecting this much. I tried to give my best experience and was expecting good rank.

Entrance Corner: How your family reacted on this achievement? What was their role in your success?

Abhishek Dogra: My parents are very happy. They are my main inspiration and support other than my teachers. They were constantly supporting me during my preparations and feels very proud that their efforts have paid off. This is also a proud moment for me too.

Entrance Corner: What was your preparation strategy for NEET 2017 exam?

Abhishek Dogra: The time management was a big concern for me. To manage time, I used to solve the previous year’s papers of NEET and tried to finish them within the particular time limit leaving sometime in hand.

Entrance Corner: Did you take any coaching institutes? How did coaching help you in securing AIR 5 in NEET 2017?

Abhishek Dogra: For the last two years, I took regular classes from Aakash Institute, and then I shifted to Allen Kota. They helped me in my preparations, especially the NCERT syllabus are very crucial. The weekly basis test also helped me a lot in the revision of concepts.

Entrance Corner: Was there any fixed schedule for preparations?

Abhishek Dogra: Honestly, there was no fixed schedule. I used to study whenever I feel. I am good in all the subjects. However, in class 11, I was weak in Physics, therefore, I paid more attention to it. I paid more to those topics which I thought were required to revise thoroughly.

Entrance Corner: How you gained interest in medical stream? What medical specialisation would you like to pursue after MBBS?

Abhishek Dogra: Since my childhood, I was surrounded by most intellectual and educated people, whom I consider as my role model. But, the person who changed my life and whom I feel sincerely feel as my role model is Dr. Vaman Khadilkar, who is a Pediatric Endocrinologist. Medicine is a never-ending and I would like to become a doctor or a researcher.

Entrance Corner: What are your future plans?

Abhishek Dogra: I would either like to be a doctor or a researcher. I have observed many doctors practicing and doing research on it. So that perspective of this field attracts me a lot.

Entrance Corner: What are your hobbies and interests apart from studying?

Abhishek Dogra: I love to read novels and watching movies. I use to play badminton. To distress myself, I use to read novels.

Entrance Corner: Have you appeared for any other medical entrance examination?

Abhishek Dogra: Yes, I appeared in AIIMS MBBS on May 28 and JIPMER MBBS on June 04. I secured AIR 9 in AIIMS MBBS and AIR 2 in JIPMER MBBS 2017. According to me, NEET exam only focuses on concept based questions.

Entrance Corner: Do you want to share anything from your experience with future medical aspirants?

Abhishek Dogra: I think there is no such issue such as topper or an average student. I use to observe other students and learn various interesting things from them. I consider myself as an average candidate. I believe in standing different from crowd through handwork and regular efforts. According to my opinion, candidates must interact with their teachers in classroom and follow their advice. The most important point is that candidates must have confidence in themselves.

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