NEET 2017 wrong questions: Experts claim upto 7 erroneous questions


NEET 2017 wrong questionsAfter the conclusion of NEET 2017 on May 7, many controversies have erupted for the National level medical exam. In addition to which, it has been reported that in the sets of NEET question booklet coded W,S,Y,Z there were 7 questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology having more than two or no correct options as answer. After the exam was conducted, various coaching experts like Resonance, Akash, Allen Kota prepared and published NEET answer key for the reference of the students. In these answer key, variation was found in the answers provided by individual institutes. Apart from this Arvind Goyal, one of the Biology experts wrote to CBSE highlighting that there were three questions in Biology having more than two or no correct answers.

As per the media reports, one of the CBSE officials stated that if there were any doubtful questions in the NEET question paper, the subject expert will address them.

“As far as ambiguity in questions is concerned, it is purely an academic issue which will be addressed by the subject experts. For this purpose, the official answer key will be hosted for making challenges by the candidates” said one of the CBSE officials as reported by one of the news.

There were two question each in Physics and Chemistry subject having wrong answer in options. The candidates can go through the series of the ambiguous questions along with the codes of the question booklets on this page. Also, the questions, its glitch and the explanations is being elaborated below.

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NEET 2017: Serial number of questions having ‘wrong’ options

The candidates can check below series of the questions in which ambiguity was detected in different sets of the NEET 2017 question booklet.

NEET 2017: Series of question found to be ambiguous
Subject NEET 2017 Code W NEET 2017 Code S NEET 2017 Code Y NEET 2017 Code Z
Physics 102 176 154 157
100 174 168 171
Chemistry 159 114 21 134
168 118 18 109
Biology 18 20 119 36
42 86 89 21
85 62 134 68


Subject – Physics

Glitch – No correct option

Explanation – Most of the coaching institutes like Allen, Resonance and Motion IIT, are of the opinion that there is no correct response available in the options for this question. However, there are few experts saying that nearby option could be 3.


Subject – Physics
Glitch –  Two options are correct.

Explanation – As per the experts of different coaching institutes like Resonance, Akash, Allen Kota, option number 1 and 2 both are correct in this question. If so will be the case, CBSE might give bonus marks for the question.


Subject – Chemistry

Glitch – Dispute on answer

Explanation – There is difference in the answer provided by coaching institutes for this question. Coaching institutes like Aakash Institute and Resonance stated that option number 1 and 4 both are correct options while Allen and Motion IIT says  only option 4 is correct.


Subject – Chemistry

Glitch – Dispute on answer

Explanation – In this question also, there is variation between answer provided by the coaching institutes. As per Aakash Institute, Resonance and Motion IIT, only option 1 is correct while Allen Career Institute states that option 1 and 2 both will be correct.

question-no-18Subject – Biology

Glitch – Two answers are correct

Explanation – As per Dr. Arvind Goyal, one of the Biology Expert, option 2 and 4, both are correct for this answer as reported by one of the news.

question-no-42Subject – Biology

Glitch – Two answers are correct

Explanation – In this question also, the issue of two answers has come up. Option 1 and 3 both are supposed to be correct.

question-no-85Subject – Biology

Glitch – Precise answer was not available in the options

Explanation – As per the Biology Expert Dr. Arvind Goyal, the options provided were not precise enough to marks the one option as an answer. However, the near by option was 4.

As per the marking scheme of NEET 2017, per correct answer 4 marks has to be awarded and -1 to be deducted for the incorrect response. In that case, 7 questions will make a total number of 28 marks. NEET, the single window medical exam for students where each mark can cost a loss or gain of the MBBS and BDS seat, 28 marks can make a very big difference.

The official NEET 2017 Answer key will be published by the CBSE in second week of May. Also, the candidates will be able to challenge the official answer key by paying Rs. 1000 per question.

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