NEET 2017 Exam Day Guidelines


NEET 2017 Exam Day Guideline

NEET 2017 Exam day Guidelines – National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is scheduled to be conducted on May 7, 2017, in pen paper mode. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will hold National level Medical entrance examination across 104 cities in 2200 examination centres. There are around more than 52,000 MBBS and BDS seats in medical and dental institutes of India on which admission will be offered to the qualified candidates. It is important for the medical aspirants to know the NEET 2017 exam day guidelines prescribed by CBSE. The exam conducting body is very specific regarding the things candidates have to carry inside the exam hall and list of debarred items.

The entry time on exam day is 7:30 am. Candidates are advised to wear light coloured clothes, and shoes are not allowed instead they can wear chappals or sandals. Also, any kind of stationery, communication devices, ornaments or watches is strictly prohibited inside the examination hall. For the complete details on NEET 2017 exam day guidelines, read the article below.

In a notice released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), some of the candidates informed that they applied for NEET 2017 via cyber cafe and at the time of uploading photograph and signature in the application form, the cyber cafe person uploaded the wrong photograph/signature. The issue came to notice of the candidates at the time of downloading NEET admit card. Now, CBSE has directed such candidates to carry original Aadhar Card or any Government photo identity with them for their identity proof.

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Entry opens at 7:30 AM 1 – Entry opens at 7:30 AM

Candidates will start entering the exam centre from 7:30 am. It is advised to the candidates to reach at the exam centre within the prescribed time. The last entry will be allowed till 9.30 am. The candidates should ensure the distance and routine traffic between the exam centre to their residence one day before the exam day so that they do not face any difficulty in reaching to the exam centre. NEET is a National level medical entrance examination, it is being held at 22,00 exam centres across the country.
NEET 2017 Exam day events
The candidates appearing for NEET 2017 can go through the schedule of exam day from the table below:

S. No. NEET 2017 Exam day event Time Bells
1. Last entry in the examination hall 9:30 am Long bell
2. Checking of NEET 2017 Admit card 9:30 am to 9:45 am
3. Distribution of NEET 2017 question paper 9:45 am Single bell
4. Seal of the test booklet to be broken by the candidate 9:55 am Double bell
5. Examination starts at 10:00 am Long bell
6. After one hour 11:00 am Single bell
7. After two hours 12:00 am Single bell
8. After two and half an hour 12:30 am Single bell
9. Closing the door 12:45 am Single bell
10. Completion of test 01:00 pm Long bell

NEET 2017 Dress Code2 – NEET 2017 Dress Code

As per the guideline of CBSE, the candidates appearing for National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2017 will have to wear half sleeves top/shirt. The clothes should be light coloured. Also, shoes are not allowed, students are supposed to wear sandal or chappal only. Do not wear tight cloths. Also, avoid wearing any ornaments like bracelets, necklace, or any metallic accessory. The candidates should keep in view the directions of CBSE for exam day, it will save their time and unnecessary trouble.

3– Things to be carried by the candidates on NEET 2017 exam dayThings to be carried by the candidates on NEET 2017 exam day

On the day of the examination, the candidates need to bring NEET 2017 admit card along with one postcard and passport size photograph. The candidates should keep the specifications of the photograph in view. The candidates should note that if they forgot to carry NEET hall ticket or photographs as per specifications, they can face problem in appearing National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET). Below are details of documents to be carried on the exam day.
NEET 2017 Exam day: list of documents and the specifications

S. No. Documents to be carried and its specifications
1. One post card size photograph to affix on performa
Size of the photograph should be 4X6 with white background
It should have been taken on or after January 1, 2017
Name of the candidate along with the date of taking the photograph should be mentioned on photo
Write name, application form number, roll number of examination on the reverse side of photo
2. One passport size photograph to affix on attendance sheet
The photograph should clearly indicate the name of the candidate along the date of taking the photograph on it
3. NEET 2017 admit card
A passport size photo should be affixed on it

Original Aadhar Card or Government photo identity (Applicable for the candidates whose wrong signature or photograph has got uploaded)

4– Restricted items inside the examination hall
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the list of particulars that are strictly prohibited inside the examination hall. In the category of the restricted item falls, stationery, communication devices, ornaments, watches. Also, do not carry any unnecessary item such as bits of paper, writing pad, extra notes etc. Do not wear the wrist watch and do not carry any digital device. For the detailed list of the items not to be carried along on exam day, go through the table below.
NEET 2017 Exam day: List of debarred items 

S.No. Category Restricted Items
1. Stationery Items Textual material (printed or written), bits of papers, geometry/pencil box, plastic pouch, calculator, pen, scale, writing pad, pen drives, eraser, calculator, log table, electronic pen/scanner etc.
2. Communication Devices Mobile phone, blue tooth, earphones, microphone, pager, health band etc.
3. Ornaments Ring, Bracelet, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge, Brooch etc.
4. Watches Watch/wrist watch, camera, etc.
5. Other items Wallet, goggles, handbags, hair pin, hair band, amulets, belt, cap, scarf, eatable (opened or packed) etc. And, any metallic items which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like camera, Bluetooth device etc

 Things to be carried by the candidates on NEET 20175 – Writing the name/roll number on question booklet and opening it

At 9:45 am, the question booklet will be distributed to the candidates. These are the sealed question booklets on which the candidates need to specify their name and roll number. The candidates will get 10 minutes to write their name and fill all other details. The black/blue ball pen will be provided to the candidates on the exam centre using which they can fill the details.

The question booklet will be available in 4 different codes like A, B, C, D, the candidates are advised to match the code of OMR sheet with the question booklet. At 9.55, the candidates can open the question booklet and the exam will start at 10:00 ‘0’ clock.

6- How to mark answers in NEET 2017 OMR sheet Image


The candidates need to keep certain point in view at the time of marking the answers in NEET 2017 OMR sheet. They can use the black/blue pen only to mark answers in NEET 2017 OMR sheet. Mark the answer after being sure about it, as it cannot be changed later. At the time of marking the answers, fill the circle completely and darken it properly. A fainted or lightly filled circle will not be evaluated. Try to avoid such questions in which answers are not certain as there is negative marking for the incorrect responses. For each incorrect answer, one mark will be deducted and for the correct answer, 4 marks will be rewarded.

NEET 2017 paper attempting strategy and time management

 7 – NEET 2017 paper attempting strategy and time management

Before appearing for NEET 2017, the candidates should strategies that how they are going to take the test. The section candidates is going to start with, How much time has to be invested on each question based on the difficulty level etc. Students will get 3 hours to complete test, they have to make sure that they do their best in this time. Below are some of the important tips for NEET 2017 exam day.

a. Start with the section you are more comfortable with: NEET 2017 exam consists of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Zoology subjects, each section contains 45 question. It is advised to start with the subject, the candidate feels they are good at. It will enhance the confidence level of the candidate, also helps to maintain a good pace for the rest of the paper

b. Do not waste too much time on difficult questions: There will be difficult questions in the exam. The candidates should try to keep patience and stay rational while solving such questions. However, it is also important for the candidates to limit themselves in the context of time. Wasting too much time on few difficult questions will result in the unfinished test paper.

c. Time Management: It is important for the candidates to formulate time management strategy. Time to be invested on each question should be pre-decided. To do so, candidates can solve sample and previous year question paper, it will help to formulate how question paper should be attempted and save the time.

d. Stay confident and composed: The last and most important thing to be kept in view to stay composed and confident. No matter how difficult/easy is the question paper or how well prepared one is for the exam. It is very important to stay relax and confident so that one can attempt the exam smoothly.

 Do's and Dont's for NEET 2017 Image8. Do’s and Dont’s for NEET 2017
It is important for the candidates to know and remember what are the things that have to be done and avoided on or before exam day. Few of the important do’s one day prior to exam are, checking the traffic status and distance between the residence and the exam centre, revising all the topics, getting proper sleep etc. Also, go through the CBSE’s exam day guidelines once before the NEET exam day. Few of the important do’nt to be kept in mind are, dont oversleep, do not take new topics etc. The candidates can go through the do’s and don’ ts for one day prior to exam and d-day from the table below.

Do’s and Don’ ts one day prior to the exam
The candidates can go through the do’s and don’ts from the table below for one day prior to exam day.

S. No. Do’s
1. Check the distance and traffic status between the residence and exam centre, if possible visit the exam centre
2. Revise and go through thoroughly each topic
3. Follow the guidelines of the exam conducting authority
4. Get proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours
5. Stay calm and confident
Don’ ts
1. Do not take up new topics or chapters one day prior to the exam
2. Do not oversleep
3. Do not panic or loose your mind, stay relax

Do’s and don’t on exam day
For the things to do and to be avoided on NEET exam day, check the table below.

S. No. Do’s
1. Read all the instructions before starting with the question paper
2. Be careful at the time of marking the responses and fill the circle properly
3. Mark the answers after being sure about it.
4. Solve the simple questions first
Don’ ts
1. Do not use pencil at the time of marking the answers
2. Do not carry any of the items debarred by CBSE

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