How to Prepare for NEET 2017 in 3 Months

March 17, 2017 2478 Shikha

How to Prepare for NEET 2017 in 3 Months

Just few months are left in National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2017, it is the single window entrance Test based on which the admission will be offered in all the medical colleges/deemed Universities across the Nation. The candidates who are taking NEET 2017 will need to be thorough with all the subjects of prescribed syllabus before appearing for the entrance test. The core syllabus for NEET is from 11th and 12th Physics, Chemistry, Biology NCERT books. However, to secure good marks it is important for the candidates to go through all the related topics as well. 3 months is a good amount of time for the preparation of an entrance exam but only if used wisely. In the article below, the candidates can read how to strategies their 90 days so that they can crack the exam.

The First 30 day (February)

In this month, the first thing candidates need to do is figure where do they stand. Below are the things to do in this month

Analyse the mock test and previous year question

Yes, the first thing one needs to do is understand what kind of questions will be asked in NEET 2017 if he/she is a beginner. Taking mock test and previous year papers is generally one of the last things after going through all the chapters but it does help in the beginning to understand the exam pattern of examination. Do not solve the complete test set but just go through the papers to figure what you need to work on.

Figure your weaknesses

By analysing different sections of the mock test and previous year papers. Figure what are the question or which specific type of questions are troublesome. Also, do take a view on the sections that are easy. Now take a copy and pen, draw three columns, write easy, moderate and difficult on the top of each column. While analysing the mock test, do write the questions/topics accordingly under each section.

Planning the study Chart and implementing

Now, plan the study schedule keeping in view the syllabus and number of days left. There are few things the candidates need to take care while preparing. Keep difficult section on priority, do allocate time to the sections one is weak and use it efficiently. Also, while preparing your study plan, take care of your learning tendency. Few students are slow learner, few are quick grasper whatever it is do accept and start working on it practically.

Day 31 to 60 (March)

After the completion of first month, there are few things all the candidates should get done with. The second month is the time the candidates will be required to prepare in full fledge mode.

Complete the syllabus

Completing the syllabus is basic requirement. Divide the syllabus i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology in due period of time and start preparing. Whatever topics are difficult, devote extra time for them. By the end of the month make sure to be thorough with all the concepts. It may sound like a difficult task but by sticking to the schedule, it can definitely be achieved.

Eat Nutritious

The month is going to be rigorous so it is important for the students to take care of their health, in order to do so, eat healthy. Eat green vegetables, fresh fruits , include soups and juices in the regular diet.

Exercise or meditation

Small session of exercise and meditation will help to keep up the concentration level. While studying take small breaks for the time period of 10 minutes. In this time, go for walk, sit still and take deep breaths. It will help to stay focused.

The last 30 days (April)

The last thirty days is the most crucial time of your preparation as very less time is left in the exam and the candidates need to hold everything in place till then.


The most crucial thing to do in this time span is revision. Specially those topics which the candidate thought were difficult for them. However, with revision do take out time to relax every now and then as it prevents the pre exam jitters.

One of the basic things to not to forget at the time of preparing for the exam is to stick to the schedule and taking your time off from studies when required, it will help to maintain the balance.

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