Topper Tips for NEET 2017

Feb. 6, 2017 1590 Shikha

Topper Tips for NEET 2017Topper Tips for NEET 2017 – There are few months left in National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), the candidates willing to appear for the medical entrance examination would have pace up their preparation. To crack any entrance examination, it is important to formulate the right strategy. Hard work along with a smart plan can assure the desired result. Preparation methods and strategies of the individuals differ and it is really important for all the candidates to schedule a study plan considering their learning ways and modes. To help the candidates with their preparation, we have brought here strategies, tips and tricks of the AIPMT/NEET previous year toppers.

Het Shah: NEET 2016, All India Rank 1

Het comes from a small town of Gujarat and decided in 10th standard to join the medical stream. He bagged 1st rank in NEET 2016. Shah joined Allen Kota, a private coaching institute. His mother stayed with him for two years when he was preparing. Currently, Het is pursuing his MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi

As per Het, the main challenge is covering the vast syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, especially the Biology section. Shah suggests that time management is key to the success. One should allocate the time subject wise. Below are some of the tips for NEET aspirants by Het Shah.

For Physics, study the concept and think over it, try to approach the concept from different dimensions, break the formulas in steps and try to understand its origin. Also, solve multiple choice questions in Physics

For Biology, understand each topic and then try to memorise it. Since Biology is vast, learning by understanding will help to cover the subject quickly. To prepare for Chemistry, regular revision is required.

Also, practising the sample paper is very important as it enhances the accuracy level and speed which is essential to score well. At the time of attempting the question paper, make a strategy so that the test can be finished on time.

Amit Kumar: NEET 2016, All India Rank 9

Amit’s mother wanted to see him becoming a doctor. With his mother’s encouragement, Amit got motivated and he gave a tough and serious shot to National Eligibility Entrance Test in the year 2016. He bagged 9th rank at all India level in NEET 2016. As per Amit, it’s really important to take an expert guidance in today's competitive phase and he received that from his coaching centre. However, one should not entirely depend on the coaching class. Also, there is not much use of being very selective about any specific coaching centre as they all are of the same level.

As per Amit, there is no shortcut to Success. He prepared himself by studying thoroughly and regularly. He left no topic behind, revising same topics over and over again, like other toppers, Amit also emphasis on using NCERT books. To study Physics thoroughly, Amit studied book by P.C. Pandey.

One has to make the required sacrifice to achieve the desired goal. Only the constant efforts towards the aim can make one succeed, says Amit.

Dhritiman Chatterjee: NEET 2016 All India Rank 8

Dhritiman Chatterjee comes from Kolkata. The medical aspirant has been a very bright student, his All India Rank was 8 in NEET 2016. His parents encouraged him for the medical stream and he put sincere efforts in the direction of his goal. Currently, Dhritiman is studying at Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research.

Unlike other students, Dhritiman never had a schedule for himself. There was no set time for the studies; he sat with his books whenever he felt like studying. He followed all the instruction of his teachers made notes and stayed focussed.

To relieve the stress, Dhritiman preferred to play cricket with friends, watched Hollywood television series, also he is a huge fan of Bengali movies.

Dhritiman’s advice to all those who are preparing for NEET is, solve as many as practice paper possible. Use the time wisely, cracking an entrance examination without a proper strategy can be difficult. Also, at the same time its really important to stay relaxed.

Nayan Gupta: AIPMT 2015, All India Rank 5

Nayan Gupta, a medical aspirant from Alwar district of Rajasthan not only cracked AIPMT in the year 2015, he nailed it. Nayan's All India Rank was 5 in AIPMT 2015. He secured 678 marks out of 720. Nayan success mantra is, stay honest with yourself and put all your energy and effort in the direction that you really want.

To crack AIPMT 2015, Nayan joined coaching and took test series regularly. As per him its important to follow the advice and guidelines of the teachers and act upon them.

Nayan designed his study plan after studying a new topic daily for about 6-7 hours. Also, he emphasised on studying through NCERT books, especially Biology and Physics.

The method of preparation for the different students may vary, but as Nayan believes it’s really important to be honest with yourself. One always knows what's best for him/her and what ideally he/she should do, what makes it tough for us is to accept and act upon it. So whenever in dilemma whether to give that extra hour to study or not, is revision really required? Just think what will your stronger version do?

Cracking a medical entrance examination as important and tough as NEET is certainly not easy. However, exams are designed in a way so that one can actually prove himself. The preparation strategies of previous toppers can be very useful for all the NEET aspirants but at the same time every aspirant need to visualise that where do they want to see themselves in NEET 2017 Result. How renowned and reputed medical institute will be associated with the one’s MBBS degree will depend on the preparation. So first be prepare mentally for the kind of hard work it requires and act upon it.

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